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Primary fundraising


A successful fundraising starts with understanding the market environment and designing a strategy tailored to the particular needs of the client. For us it is about a combination of expert knowledge, excellent execution and alignment of interests. Working in close partnership with you, we articulate your story, prepare high-quality documentation, identify the most appropriate investor universe and join you on the ride to the successful fundraising process followed by a long-term partnership. 


We are experienced at raising capital for emerging managers 


Since its establishment in 2007, Argenthal Funds Group has accumulated significant experience in identifying the most promising emerging managers and providing them with a comprehensive support in achieving their fundraising goals. We have raised first-time funds, spin-outs as well as helped our clients to re-position their offering. Assisting our clients globally and throughout different business cycles allowed us to attain unrivalled expertise and understanding of what it takes to light up a new star in the crowded sky of the private equity world. This is one of the reasons why we become the chosen partner for the most talented emerging players in Europe, Asia and the US who seek holistic support, expert advise as well as alignment of interests from their fundraising advisor. 

We have access to institutional investors and family offices worldwide 


One of our core strengths is Argenthal Funds Group's access to a global investor base comprised not only of sophisticated institutional investors and their key decision makers, but also of smaller family offices and UHNWIs.  Maintaining relationships with a highly diverse investor universe enables us to create the optimal investor base for each of our clients and fast-track their fundraising process, achieving utmost efficiency and tailoring the process to their particular needs.

Leveraging on our in-depth knowledge of international institutional investor preferences as well as our unique relationships with the most active family offices, we aim to find the best match for our clients and bring in selected strategic investors, who can add value beyond capital and will be supportive over the long-term.

We bring underwriting to the placement process 


Besides our profound expertise and global investor coverage, we bring underwriting to the placement process - a unique game-changing component. Our goal is to commit to a few selected emerging managers each year, which will become our long-term partners, rather than clients, as we will be supporting them on all fronts - as a principal, as a co-investor and as an advisor. We put a lot of effort into identifying the most brilliant future stars of the private equity world and doing our pre-engagement due diligence. This is important not only to us, but also to the investors who find comfort in being certain that, unlike others, Argenthal Funds Group selects only the best and is always fully aligned with the managers by sharing the risks and accepting them to the Argenthal family. 

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